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IYA Intimate Shave Oil 30ml

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Product Description

USE: Body

PERFECT FOR: Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dry Skin.

The award-winning IYA Intimate Shave Oil is formulated to moisturise and protect your skin without clogging your razor. The oil creates a thin barrier between your skin and the razor allowing the blades to glide. It reduces redness, irritation and razor burns and at the same time provides a close shave.

Our IYA Intimate Shaving Oil is thin enough to not clog your razor and so ingredient-rich that it will moisturise and protect your skin.

The oil also creates a thin barrier between the razor and your skin so that the blade can glide rather than pull, meaning that you reduce shaving issues in the pubic area such as irritation, redness and razor burns.

HOW TO USE: Before shaving apply 3-4 drops of IYA Intimate Shave Oil to the skin and shave as usual. If you prefer, you can add a few drops into your shaving cream or gel. Use in between shaving and/or waxing to keep your skin and hair soft. It also helps to repair damaged skin cells, helping to prevent the in-growth of hair.

How to apply:

PRE-SHAVE/WAX: To soothe razor rash/burn, soak the area with a few drops of IYA Intimates Shave Oil for five minutes to soften and protect your skin prior to applying shaving cream so the razor glides instead of dragging.

POST-SHAVE/WAX: Apply a few drops of the IYA Intimates Shave Oil evenly to the shaved or waxed area to soothe irritation and protect the skin post-shaving.

INGREDIENTS: Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter

KEY INFORMATION: Our ingredients are all natural, vegan certified and cruelty-free. We have also developed recyclable glass and cardboard packaging.
This product contains raw materials made from nuts. If you have a nut allergy please conduct a small patch test before use.


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