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Naturally Tribal

Seams believe everyday beauty comes from comfort and well-being. They're putting love in your hands. All of their key ingredients are natural, so you know you’re in safe hands. SEAMS believes that hands must be treated as lovingly as the skin on your face. We use our hands everyday, SEAMS provides an essential tool to daily hand care, to keep your hands feeling and looking great, so that you can work faster and in comfort. Making the practical beautiful

The Story

Born in London in 1964 Karen spent over 40 years working in fashion & beauty. In 2012 whilst at the London College of Fashion her hands took a bashing, getting burnt, pinpricked, sore and dry, and she wanted to buy a hand cream that she could use quickly throughout the day, that didn’t transfer grease onto fabrics. Not being able to find one, Karen set about to create SEAMS Hand Cream. Being a perfectionist SEAMS had to absorb instantly leaving no grease. A special Biomimetic Lipid Complex ensures the formula instantly melts in the skin and locks in moisture. It had to do absolutely everything for the hands, moisturise, hydrate, nourish, protect, soften, soothe condition cuticles, even skin tone, strengthen nails, to achieve this I have packed it full with all the best ingredients from around the world 9 natural actives in total! Karen's strong sense of smell lead her to create their signature Amber Cocoon scent, a clean fresh cotton fragrance that doesn’t linger on the skin. 

A real celeb

By 2013 Couturiers Hand Cream was launched backstage at London Fashion Week, and was immediately hailed by the Daily Mail as the unsung hero in hair and make-up, it’s now the no 1. hand care on set at ITV and Netflix. SEAMS is loved by such a different range of people from, farmers, make-up artists, ice-skaters, gardeners, TV presenters and cooks. It really is for everyone. The range has now extended to Silk Touch Hand & Nail Oil and Artisan Hand Sanitiser and I cant wait to introduce a fourth product this Autumn. “We are all makers and bring something new into the world every day both in the physical and emotional sense and I feel blessed to be able do what I love” - Karen J.