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Nota Bene

Nota Bene Skincare was started by the founder Rebecca as a result of suffering with sensitive skin as a child, eczema being the main issue. Growing up, steroid cream was her standard ‘go-to’ and while clearing up the eczema in the short term, this led to thinning of the skin and other vulnerabilities. Turning away from treatments, laden with chemicals, she explored a more holistic route and discovered that organic treatment was a lot more successful in relieving her irritation and inflammation. Later on in life, her passion for skincare was reignited with a Christmas gift of an organic skincare formulation course. That, combined with a science degree and a calling to help others, her journey to formulate beautiful organic products based on the amazing properties of raw ingredients and essential oils began. What the earth provides is brimming with goodness, we just have to learn how to harness it. Welcome to Nota Bene.

Natural skincare products

Nota bene are passionate about everything they do. And what they do is simple, making natural skincare products, and that's it. Nothing complicated about that. They simplify the process, use natural products, buy from lovely people, spanning from just around the corner to a small village in Ghana and treat them well and most importantly, they never hurt animals in the process.

chemical free ingredient

Nota Bene products really work on each skin type. Their recipes are chemical free help you to create a simple, no fuss beauty routine. 

Natural ingredients

Our Natural Skin Care is suitable for Vegans and 100% Palm Oil and Chemical Free

doing our bit for the planet

Just as we only have one skin, we only have one planet and Nota Bene pledges to do their bit to preserve it for future generations. It’s no secret that the overconsumption of the earth’s resources (along with the amount of waste produced) is having a harmful impact on our planet. The zero waste movement - which seeks to redesign resource lifecycles - is gaining momentum, as companies of all shapes and sizes strategize to eliminate waste across their supply chains in order to reduce environmental impact. Whilst there’s still so much to be done, at Nota Bene, they pledge to do everything they possibly can to help our beautiful planet. Nota Benes bottles are PET so 100% recyclable.