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Naturally Tribal

Naturally Tribal is a proudly British skincare brand born from personal experience with PURPOSE and IMPACT in its DNA. In 2014, Shalom Lloyd, the founder, was blessed with the birth of her twins. Her boy, Joshua had miserable eczema - scratch ‘till you bleed’ irritation and she couldn’t bear the idea of smothering his sensitive new skin with chemical emollients and steroids


As a qualified pharmacist, Shalom understands the enormous value of medical treatments; however, our skin is a huge exchange organ which absorbs a lot of what we put on it. So, when you think about it, what we put on ourselves, and our families skin, should be just as important as what we eat.


She looked to her African heritage for inspiration, recalling recipes containing all natural ingredients, which have been used in Africa for generations. Shalom started to experiment in her kitchen, using high quality Shea Butter as a main base, stumbled across the right formulation and within three days of application, Joshua’s skin cleared!


Sourcing the right high quality and premium natural ingredients is the key to Naturally Tribals product EFFICACY and the search for quality ingredients led them to the Kingdom of Essan, Niger State, Nigeria from where the high grade Shea Butter ingredient is sourced. Today, the business goes beyond the Naturally Tribal range of skincare products and now gives NT the chance to make a real difference, improving the lives of women in Africa who make the high grade Shea used in their products!


Expertise and heritage are integral to the Naturally Tribal brand. Their products pay homage to a rich African cultural identity and provide an opportunity for everyone to recognise the significance of the people in Africa involved in their premium ingredients sourcing. NT continue to delve deeper for more ancestral, effective, natural skincare recipes and remedies from across the African continent and beyond!  


To transform natural ingredients into amazing products by ethically sourcing organic seeds, tree nuts, oils and turning them into innovative and enriching premium skincare products for skin conditions. Achieving this whilst at the same time changing lives and protecting the natural environment from which these unique ingredients originate.


To become a sustainable business built on ethical sourcing, innovation, empowerment and love for our planet, on a mission to become the leading indie skincare brand that inspires everyone to love their skin, naturally!


To ensure that the company delivers on its mission and vision, providing best in class premium natural products using strong leadership and management expertise to ensure profitability and year on year growth  


Naturally Tribals promise to you is what makes them different: To always have purpose and impact at their core;  To always stay true to themselves;  To always operate in an ethical manner;  To always be original and authentic;  To let creativity and innovation always prevail;  To never compromise on quality;  To continually evolve and love our planet in new ways;  To continue to take you on the journey with them;  To empower all across our entire supply chain