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3 Reasons You Should Switch to Natural Deodorant If You Have Sensitive Skin

For most of us, the thought of going a day without deodorant is enough to make us shudder. That’s because it’s become a vital part of our daily routine, getting us through sweaty gym sessions and summer commutes without the dreaded fear of body-odor. But do we really know what goes into those antiperspirants we willingly spray onto our skin every day?  

A closer look will tell you that most traditional aerosols actually contain aluminum and parabens that can aggravate sensitive skin and cause allergic reactions. Not to mention the fact that they pose possible health risks and have a negative impact on the environment. But don’t sweat it! (Get it?) Switching to a natural deodorant can solve all these problems. Here’s why.  


1. Natural Deodorants Don’t Contain Aluminum  

Aluminum is added to traditional sprays to stop the body releasing sweat. Sounds good right? But sweating is actually an important function that regulates our temperature and releases toxins from our bodies. Packing deodorants full of aluminum and other chemicals purposefully clogs up your pores to stop this happening. Which can cause sweat to build up under the skin, irritating your armpits and causing flair ups of existing skin conditions. And contrary to popular belief, this isn’t necessary to prevent body odor.  

Because it’s not the sweat itself that actually smells. It’s only when sweat reacts with the natural bacteria on our skin that odor is produced. Natural deodorants stop this reaction using only naturally absorbent ingredients like cornstarch. Which is much kinder on those delicate pits!  

2. Natural Deodorants Nourish Rather Than Stifle Skin  

Being completely vegan and organic, natural deodorants are packed full of ingredients that moisturise and smooth the skin. Look out for natural deodorant brands that use ingredients with antibacterial and antifungal properties like coconut oil and witch hazel. As well as hydrating shea butter which has anti-inflammatory and healing attributes.  

All these nourishing ingredients leave your pores open which means irritation free armpits. As well as the obvious benefits for sensitive skin, non-bumpy armpits mean you can get a closer shave too!  


3. Natural Deodorants Don’t Use Artificial Fragrances  

Synthetic fragrances in beauty products are a major cause of skin irritations and allergies. But luckily, natural deodorants only use essential oils such as mint, lavender and lemon oils.  

One of our favourite natural deodorant brands, Posy London, comes in some gorgeous natural fragrances like Grapefruit and Lemon, Ginger and Mint and the more masculine Frankincense & Cedarwood. All designed to keep you smelling fresh without the need for irritating chemicals.  

The fragrance combinations have also been designed with more than just your nose in mind. The essential oils also have therapeutic properties which can energize and uplift both the body and mind.  

All of posy’s products are vegan certified and perfect for those with sensitive skin and skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.